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Where To Start With This Whole Real Estate Thing


People ask me all the time where should you start and what should you focus on when your new to real estate investing. This is simple… You should focus on marketing. Without leads then you do not have a business.

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Can You Really Flip Houses In This Bad Market?

housing market

I hear so much from people that investing in a market like today is impossible. It honestly shocks me to hear this… I feel this is one of the best real estate markets we have ever seen for investing. There

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Your Own Buyer And Seller Websites


You know that you need websites in today’s internet world all of your competition have them and they are stealing all of the online traffic. It’s a fact that 90%of people start online to buy or sell a house. Go

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The Best Way To Find Motivated Sellers Hands Down

hands down

People ask me all the time. Brian whats the best lead source to find the most motivated sellers with the most equity. The answer is simple and is always the same. Its probate No doubt about it probate investing has

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What I Use To Manage My Wholesale Business


I get asked all the time “Brian, what do you use to manage your real estate investing business?” There are tons of programs out there some big and small some expensive and some cheap There is only one I use

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Marketing On A Budget


I recently sent out a survey asking about some topics that you needed help with so I could make some content trainings. One of the biggest things people needed help with was finding leads. So I decided to make this

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How To Evaluate Deals


I get asked all of the time … What formula do you use for making offers. For some reason this is a huge hurdle for new investors. Here is a simple formula that you can use to make offers on

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How To Find Buyers


To me, building your buyers list is one of the easiest things you have to do. Most people they think it’s the scariest and hardest thing to do in the whole world. When planning to build your buyers list, all

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Dictionary Of Real Estate Terms


I wanted to take some time and create a little dictionary of terms that new investors hear and might not understand.If your new to real estate investing you might not know what these terms are which are ok but if

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List Of Recommended Tools And Resources


I get asked all the time, “Brian What do you use in your business”? I decided to take some time and post all of my resources and tools that I use and recommend in one easy to find place. Phone

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