Craigslist Is Back ! – Real Estate Investing Wealth Podcast Episode 30

Craigslist Is Back Baby!

I know that was a little cheesy but you have to be excited about the new opportunity I have found with Craigslist.

It is quickly becoming one of my favorite laces to market for cash buyers and motivated sellers again.

It was dead for a long time and really was just a waste of time. In today’s podcast I will show you how I am using to generate lots of new motivated seller leads each day.

This is a podcast your not going to want to miss.

Check out the podcast right here -


Here are some resources from the call:

Here are the keywords I like to use

  • motivated
  • motivated seller
  • attention investor
  • needs work
  • must sell

Also here are step by step instructions to do this

Step 1 – You go to

Step 2 – You go to the search page and search for houses for sale by owner

Step 3 – use a keyword people would use in their ad if they were motivated and needed to sell quickly.

Here are a few keywords to start with:

motivated, motivated seller, must sell

Step 4 – respond to the ads

Step 5 – do this over and over again everyday…


To Your Success,

Brian Haskins

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