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I recently sent out a survey asking about some topics that you needed help with so I could make some content trainings.

One of the biggest things people needed help with was finding leads. So I decided to make this first post about 3 low cost ideas that guarantee you some motivated seller leads.

Here are 3 sure fire methods for finding motivated sellers.

1. craigslist – Craigslist seemed to die off a few years back as a good place to find motivated sellers. However I have come up with some great ways to use it to find boatloads of free motivated seller leads on a daily basis.

Here is how you do it.

Step 1 – You go to

Step 2 – You go to the search page and search for houses for sale by owner

Step 3 – use a keyword people would use in their ad if they were motivated and needed to sell quickly.

Here are a few keywords to start with:

motivated, motivated seller, must sell

Step 4 – respond to the ads

Step 5 – do this over and over again everyday…

Here are some great tips for you.

Tip 1 – you don’t have to limit this to just you can use it for any of the thousands of online classified websites out there.

Tip 2 – I have a great way to automate this entire process. Its a simple tool that searches all of these websites for you everyday and finds matched for your keywords then it will automatically contact all the motivated sellers for you.

This will save you tons of time and hours everyday and get these leads coming in everyday on autopilot for you.

Here is how to access the software I am talking about –

***Also if you get the software I mention above and forward me the receipt I will send you the full list of keywords and email templates I use. This will really help you out a ton!

2. The next way to find leads is through referral based marketing.  There are tons of ways to get referrals from people but the best way is through birddogs.

Birddogs are one of my absolute favorite ways to find leads hands down. Birddogs are people that go out and find people that want to sell then they forward the leads over to you and you work the deal. Once you buy the property and close on it then you pay them their cut which is usually a few hundred bucks.

Its a total win – win.

Here is a video that talks more about the details and how to get starting using birddogs –


3. The last way that were going to talk about today is driving for dollars.

Driving for dollars has been something most people have given up on. Gas is expensive and with all the foreclosures it makes it tough to know what is owner owned and what is bank owned

Here is a little twist on driving for dollars that works.

Step 1 – you need to find your target neighborhoods. You want to choose neighborhoods that are areas where there are a lot of landlords or areas where rehabbers are buying properties since they will be the main people your trying to sell to.

Step 2 – print off some fliers or get some door hangers printed.

They will need to say Ill buy your home today for cash with your phone number on it. You can also say something like If you or anyone you know is looking to sell I pay finder fee’s on any referrals.  (what this does is get the people in the neighborhood to call you if they know of a vacant property or nuisance property)

Step 3 – you want to hang these on every door in the neighborhood.

Step 4 – go back a few days later and check the doors any door with the door hanger still is probably a vacant property. Now you can start talking to the neighbors to find out who the owners are.

Its really that simple.

So these are 3 sure fire ways you can  go out and find motivated sellers.

To Your Success,

Brian Haskins


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