Setting Up Your Wholesaling Business – Real Estate Investing Wealth Podcast Episode 4

I wanted to take some and record this podcast because I think it is important to show you you don’t have to have this huge business set up or have everything perfect to be able to get started wholesaling properties.

Its a simple business and more simple you keep it the better off you will be.

In this episode you will learn the only 2 things you need out of the gate to start your wholesaling business then I will show you a few tools and things you can use in your business as you grow.

We dive into setting up your websites, phone system, setting up your business entity and a ton more…

Check it out here -


To Your Success,

Brian Haskins

**Show Notes**

Here is the link to the Autoresponder company I talked about –

Here is the link to the phone company I recommend –

Here is the link to the company you can use to set up L.L.C’s and Corporations –

Here is the link to the websites that I talk about which will help you automate your buyers list building -

Don’t forget to sign up for REI Wealth School which is my 20 module in depth training where I work with you one on one and help you set up your real estate investing business –


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