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Welcome to REI Wealth Podcast — a top-rated real estate investing podcast that is dedicated to giving you step by step systems on how to make a fortune flipping houses using no cash or credit or having no previous experience.

This podcast is dedicated to giving you no BS real world information you can put to use right now to profit in the current economy with real estate investing.

Your host: Brian Haskins

Brian Haskins is just a normal guy and has been a full time investor for the last 6 years flipping over $3,000,000 worth of real estate.

Brian uses systems and outsourcing to maximize his life and business. Brian has successfully outsourced over 90% of his real estate investing business and now uses his extra time to help others and teach people all over the country how to get started investing in real estate and automate their businesses as well.

Brian found real estate when he was on his last dime. Brian was a struggling construction worker who decided to start rehabbing houses in the house boom of 2006. After getting a loan from his parents to rehab his first house he failed miserably…

Too hard-headed to give up, he continued on and built a very successful rehabbing business until the real estate market took a turn and he ended up holding on to too many houses he couldn’t sell.

Losing money like crazy, he had to find a better way to make money.

That’s when he found wholesaling.

Brian was able to now flip houses without any money out of pocket and was able to carry the house payments until he was able to sell them.

Brian has continued to wholesale houses and he considers it to be the best and most profitable real estate strategy.

He is committed to helping people learn the simple proven strategies that he uses in his own wholesaling business.

Fast forward to today — Brian is still running one of the largest wholesaling operations in St. Louis and flipping houses all over the country with students.

Brian recently just got married to his beautiful wife April.  They live just outside St. Louis with their two dogs Jake and Kato.


To find out more about Brian, check out his other websites:

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