The Best Way To Find Motivated Sellers Hands Down

People ask me all the time.

Brian whats the best lead source to find the most motivated sellers with the most equity.

The answer is simple and is always the same. Its probate

No doubt about it probate investing has made me more money than any other lead source and my probate deals have been the biggest I have ever closed.

The reason is because in most cases the people have tons of equity and aren’t attached to it they just want to dump the house.

If you don’t know what probate is its when someone passes away and they leave behind a house. Someone inherits the house and 9 times out 10 they want to sell it.

I learned about probate investing from the master Preston Ely

Here is the training that I bought and learned from, I highly recommend it.

Preston’s Probate Course

** Over the last 7 years I have learned a few ninja tips that I have never learned in any other probate course on the market.

If you end up investing in preston probate course send me your receipt and I will forward you my secret ninja probate tips.

These tips include things like:

  • How to 100% guarantee your letters get opened
  • How to blow your competition away even if everyone in your market is doing probate
  • Tips from my successful probate letter
  • Plus a ton more

To make sure you get the special bonus from me make sure you order from this link


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