Where To Start With This Whole Real Estate Thing

People ask me all the time where should you start and what should you focus on when your new to real estate investing.

This is simple…

You should focus on marketing. Without leads then you do not have a business.

I hear from so many people that they want to have buyers lined up to buy their properties and they want to have everything figured out before they start marketing.

That is the most backwards thing I have ever heard.

All of those things can come later and you can do them as you go.

You only need to focus on one thing when your first getting started in business and that is marketing.

If your still new and figuring this whole real estate investing thing out then check out some of my other blog posts out and they will help get you on the right path.

Here is one I made that will tell you three marketing strategies that will guarantee floods of leads – http://www.brianhaskins.com/3-sure-fire-methods-for-finding-motivated-sellers/

One of the best pieces of advise I ever got from a mentor was to keep this business simple. The second you over complicate it and try to have everything figured out or done everything will fall apart and you will never make any money.

I have been victim of this myself…

I have worked so hard making sure everything was perfect only to realize that what I had spent months on didn’t work.

If I had only taken it one step at a time and started with marketing I would have been able to actually do a deal and make money instead of waiting months to only find out it didn’t work.

If you would like some help and want me to mentor you check out http://www.REIProtege.com or http://www.BrianHaskins.com/products for many other resources and recommendations.

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